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Fried Crispy Squids Recipe (Mực Chiên Giòn)

Do you love sea foods? If you say yes, then Fried Crispy Squids (Mực Chiên Giòn) – one of our stunningVietnamese Dish Recipes – can be the best option for today’s meal. I know that many people are allergic to sea foods but not many are allergic to squid so I hope everyone can prepare this dish for their family and friends.
This dish can be eaten with spicy chilli sauce which is one of the most favourite snacks for Vietnamese people. It is one of Vietnamese Dish Recipes that you could hardly ever get tired of eating it. If you are ready, please follow my instruction below and let us together start cooking right now.


200g of squid
1 chicken egg
3 coffee spoons of wheat flour
3 coffee spoons of bread crumbs         
Salt, Maggi’s stuffs, cooking oil, chilli sauce & cucumber.


Step 1: Cut the squid, if you have the head of it, you can cut it to fry it easier. Marinate with ½ spoon of Maggi’s stuffs, some salt.

Step 2: Crack the egg in a bowl. Mix the egg yolk with the egg white.
Step 3: Pour wheat flour and bread crumbs in different bowls.

Step 4: Roll each of squid’s pieces in wheat flour bowl.


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