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Vietnamese Mung Bean Dumplings (Bánh Khúc)

It could be no weird for the Northern people when hearing the cry of seller about one Traditional Vietnamese Food in the city. It is Vietnamese Mung Bean Dumplings (Bánh Khúc), one amazing cake of Vietnam. The cake is a rice ball made of sticky rice mixed with cudweed which is most important ingredient and filled with mung bean paste, pork, and spices.
Vietnamese Mung Bean (Bánh Khúc)
Cudweed grows during Lunar January and February, when the drizzling rain lasts all day, and it can be found along the edges of rice fields. There are two kinds: “Nếp” and “Tẻ”. The latter is more flexible and fragrant and is preferred for making the cake.
To make this Traditional Vietnamese Food, the cudweed firstly is washed, ground and then mixed with husked sticky rice. Mung beans, that are flayed and turned into paste after being cooked, are then added to the mixture. Finally, the cakes are sprinkled with grains of steamed sticky rice.

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